Mentorship Terms & Conditions

As part of the process of enrolling as a student with FXT Success, we require each student to agree to the following terms and conditions:

Satisfaction Guarantee
We want you, our student, to be happy with your experience when you enrol on the Freedom Through Forex Mentorship Programme.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is about more than our students being satisfied; it is the promise to deliver a great experience and help every student achieve great results. As a part of our company’s mission, we believe that the Freedom Through Forex Mentorship Programme should come with:

– High quality Forex learning material
– An easy-to-follow learning environment
– Top-notch Forex analyst support
– Exceptional Forex resources
– Unlimited Forex education

If you need assistance, you can send an email to

We may ask any student for feedback, results, testimonials and/or referrals at any time. You agree to be fully cooperative with this.

Trading Activities
You are enrolled in the FXT Success Mentorship Programme. During this time, you will receive educational material as well as trade signals and trade setups that you will be required to initiate as part of your psychological and emotional training.

In addition to your training, you will receive email support, access to the weekly live sessions and trader chat groups.
You are responsible for providing your own office accommodation, administration and transport as are necessary to enable you to undertake the trading activities.

FXT Success shall not be directly or indirectly held liable, in any way, to the student for any delays, errors, or interruptions in the transmission of any signals or trade setups. MAFX Limited shall use reasonable efforts to inform the student of any errors or delay to the service as necessary.

FXT Success makes no representation as to the accuracy or completeness of any information provided and gives no warranty, whether express or implied, as to the quality or fitness for a particular purpose of the service provided. Any reliance upon the service is at the student’s own risk.

Subject to the above, the student agrees to hold FXT Success harmless in respect of any claim or action made against it and in respect of any economic loss or consequential harm incurred by it arising from its use of the service.

This agreement is exclusive to the parties stated above and cannot be reassigned or transferred.

This agreement permits the student access to the training and service. Any replication, duplication or copying of any or all of the FXT Success material is strictly prohibited.

The student shall not disclose or permit neither their access to the training or signals nor trade setups to any other party.

FXT Success reserves the right to withdraw or suspend access to any of its service at any time without giving cause or reason.

Should any provisions of this agreement be found to be unenforceable then the remainder shall still be in effect.

Both parties agree to hold confidential all communication and commercial details of the other including but not limited to pricing, customer details and technology whether proprietary or otherwise.

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law and each party agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Force Majeure
Except in respect of payment liabilities neither party will be liable for any failure or delay in its performance under this agreement due to reasons beyond its reasonable control. These include acts of war, acts of God, earthquake, hurricane, flood, riot, embargo, acts of sabotage, government act or failure of the internet.

You must be at least 18 years old to become a FXT Success student. We cannot currently offer the Mentorship Programme for free to clients in any of the countries listed below due to financial regulations. An enrolment fee of $497 is applicable for these clients.

Bosnia & Herzegovina
British Columbia (Canada)
China (Strict regulations if not total ban)
Democratic Republic of Congo
Ivory Coast
North Korea
Palestinian Territory
Republic of Sierra Leone
South Korea
Sri Lanka (Recently relaxed but not confirmed)
St. Helena
United States
Western Sahara

This agreement is signed by the student upon enrolment.