Verified Accounts

Our Verified Performance Records

Here at FXT Success, we share our verified performance records with not only our clients but also with our readers, followers and subscribers.

myfxbook-logoWe use MyFXBook – an automated analytical tool to track and verify trading performance.

There are a lot of big, and mostly false, claims flying around online from traders and savvy
marketers and that’s not what we are about.

We believe in transparency and total honesty, and always strive to show you what’s possible with the right education, mindset and support.

This verified account was started on the 12th August 2016 with £10,000. The account grew to £26,000 by the end of March 2017.

Here are some screenshots of the account that prove this (as shared with our clients within our WhatsApp support groups and on Facebook)…

79.8% growth by 18th January 2017 (5 months)

106.7% growth by 14th February 2017











143% growth by 1st March 2017

143% growth by 1st March 2017

160.63% growth by 24th March 2017

160.63% growth by 24th March 2017








The account was then closed on Friday 24th March 2017 and a new £25,000 account was opened on Monday 27th March 2017
(as you can see on MyFxBook), to start from a clean slate and publicly verify the account for our clients and anybody else interested.

You can track the account performance here.